We write to translate feelings into words

I know you all have had an off day and you have so many things you need to write, yet you’re staring at a bright computer screen completely blank. You type the beginning of about four lousy sentences and delete each of them thinking “I’m making zero sense.”

It’s frustrating. You have so much to say, yet nothing is coming to mind. That is our job as writers, if you think about it. We have to put these feelings that everyone feels into words, which not everyone is capable of.

That’s why I write; to try & give clarity to those who don’t know what they are feeling. That’s why we all read; to understand that we aren’t alone in these feelings. We need those moments where we go “YES. I’ve been thinking/feeling this and I haven’t been able to convey it! But this writer nailed it!”

So when you are having difficulty conveying your feelings or ideas, take a deep breath.  This is what we write for and when you finally get it right, it will be the best feeling in the world. Not only for you, but for those people who genuinely thank you for giving them clarity.


Wear that struggle

When you sweat profusely at the gym, don’t you feel like a total badass? You’re walking around looking tired as hell, clothes drenched, you’re glistening in the florescent gym lighting. You’re checking in on Facebook “puttin’ in work 💪🏻” and taking your gym selfie. You walk around with confidence that say “yep, I did that. I worked hard as hell, bettering myself.” Something that’s actually pretty gross, we wear with pride.

So tell me, why don’t we wear our dark undereyes with pride? Why don’t we walk into that local coffee shop looking tired as hell? Why don’t we walk around with a confidence that says “Hey, I just got done crying. But I got out of bed, so can I get a quad espresso?” Mamas aren’t wearing their breast milk drenched shirt around like a medal. Those who are going through divorce aren’t flaunting their tearful, red eyes.

You should wear your hard times with pride. They are called “hard times” for a reason – because it’s hard! You’re still getting out of bed, you’re handling your shit, and you are still here. “Oh well, everyone goes through hard times. It’s nothing to give attention to.” Uh, hell yeah it is. Let’s not sell ourselves short here! Let’s be proud of ourselves more often and say “I’m going through something right now, the stress is unbelievable, but I’m bettering myself and I’m still going.”

Stop hiding what you find to be a weakness, because it’s actually your strength being put to the test. You’re dealing with your problems and that is admirable. Leave the concealer alone, keep cold towels off of those red eyes, and stop trying to fit into those NONE-pregnancy jeans (just embrace the stretchy band). Be kind to yourself so you can be kind to others.

Let’s connect & let’s bond over how hard life is. So tell me, what are you going through? What struggle are you proud of?

Passion ain’t just for Nicolas Sparks novels

“Quality over quantity.” It’s a good saying for those of us who don’t have much, yeah? It is true, though. What would life be if you lived to be 100 years old, but you never once lived with intention. You survived, you stuck around, but you never lived. You were in a metaphorical coffin by the age of eighteen.

You learned the importance of money quickly & decided that being an artist will never pay the bills. You met a man who didn’t have anything to offer & left him for man with a bright future. He could give you what you needed. You soon learned that you needed love & he couldn’t put that on his credit card for you. You survived, but you didn’t live. You stepped into that coffin the second you told yourself “happiness won’t pay my bills.”

You learned the importance of money quickly & you learned the importance of happiness even quicker. You decided that life without passion is no life at all. You met a man who didn’t have anything to offer except for his love & support, but that was what you needed. You burned the metaphorical coffin the second you told yourself “life without passion is no life at all.”

I have caught myself just surviving, staying with jobs because they made enough money. I’ve put passions of mine aside, because they didn’t provide me with an income. Society’s idea of success can turn passionate people in slaves of survival. Do not lose your passion for life, for your art, for people. Without passion, we can only survive.

Don’t shy away from your mess

Today, I asked myself “why do I do what I do and who do I do it for?” It’s hard for me to admit, but when I write posts and they don’t get much feedback – it’s extremely discouraging. So the question occurs; who am I doing this for? I try to write as a creative outlet because, as a mother, there aren’t many. So in many ways, I do write for myself. If that is the case though, why do I want to stop when it doesn’t seem to be reaching many people?

So another question arises: why do I anything that I do? Who do I do it for? My appearance, my clothing, my car, my education, my career path, etc. If no one liked what I was doing, would I still do it? I, personally, need to start asking myself if what I am doing is making ME happy or am I finding happiness through the acceptance of others?

I feel as if many people struggle with this and we just decide to not talk about. We don’t like to admit when we feel rejected. We are human, yet we all walk around trying to hide that fact. We are afraid to show our weaknesses because no one else is. If we wear our weaknesses with pride, maybe we can live in a world where we truly aren’t afraid to be ourselves. Take the filters off, don’t write or post for likes, don’t stage pictures, don’t clean for anyone except yourself, and don’t shy away from your mess.

Start doing


Man, I’m going to be honest, I do not want to write this post. Mostly because I am tired and have “better things to do.” I always think, that if I don’t want to do something artistic (whether it be painting, drawing, writing, etc.) that my work won’t even be good enough to attempt. It’ll be half-assed, poorly done, lacking inspiration, disliked, etc. etc..

I let the fear of feeling inadequate keep me from being artistic, even though, I have found that some of my “uninspired” and lackadaisical works of art have been the most successful. It, of course, was frustrating at first, but I quickly leaned into my work and found my inspiration. So, to all my artists out there, start doing.