Amazon doesn’t offer overnight shipping on success

I sat down ready to write. I write when I don’t know exactly how I’m feeling and hopefully I’ll vomit some words onto the keyboard making some sense. I brought out my cheap LP laptop that I bought for instances where I can’t use my iPhone. I opened the browser and typed in – I waited for two seconds. I hit that refresh button. Still waiting. Now I’m starting to ask myself why it isn’t working. It finally loads. I hit “write” but it still takes a few seconds. Now I’m getting frustrated. I hit it about five times.

This is why I say we give up so often. We live in a world of “instant.” Our food is instant. We have fast food, instant pots, microwavable meals, meals delivered to our door. We have instant contact with anyone. You want to tell Kim K she’s looking mighty fine? You can direct message her and it will directly be put into her inbox. You want to see someone? FaceTime. You want to order something online and get it tomorrow? Overnight shipping. I’m guessing you get the point.

When we work for something we want and it doesn’t start to produce immediate results, we ask “why isn’t this working?” As if success has caught up with the times. Why isn’t my success as quick as my wifi? Why can’t I buy success like I can buy Instagram followers and likes? Better yet, success is preceded by mundane. Mundane is just not even in the picture. I mean, if you follow an Instagram influencer… mundane doesn’t exist.

They wake up to an all organic breakfast that consists of wheat toast, avocado, a small side of fruit, a glass of water, and a fair trade tea – all coming from the local farmers market. Except the water, the water came from France and a crystal is sitting at the bottom of it for good vibes. Then, they go to the gym for an hour which they get there by driving their gorgeous SUV of some sort. They just can’t live without their Apple watch.

Like c’mon. If you just live life like a normal person, it’s boring. It isn’t glamourous. We are doing something wrong because we don’t know how to take pictures like they do. We don’t go to festivals every week. We don’t have that many friends. What are we doing wrong?

Well, everything is a lie. Instant doesn’t work for grief, success, healing, etc. And life isn’t glamourous. Nor will it ever be. If you want success, you learn there is no way to buy it or get overnight shipping. It’s not glamourous. Success is filled with mundane.

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